Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Summary

Greetings Everyone

It has been a very long time since we have communicated in this fashion It has been an extremely busy season for me. Let me try and catch you up on a little bit. The Gun Buy Back was a tremendous success! There were 175 guns collected. Many of which were illegal to own. There are some who say that these don't work, but I beg to differ. Most of the weapons used in violent crimes are weapons taken from home invasions from people who have not properly secured them. This was not and was never intended to be an anti gun movement, but it is an anti violence movement. We even had parents to bring guns that they found in their sons room. There were guns turned in that were taken from people who were intoxicated at the time. There were guns that were taken from underage children, so this was a much needed step in the right direction to help bring an end to violence in the community.

This past week, I was privileged to attend The National Baptist Convention Congress of Christian Education, that was held in Detroit, Michigan. This was a wonderful congress! I had an opportunity to learn some valuable information that will be a blessing to our church and community. I attended the Moderator's Workshop. This class was taught by one of my mentors, Dr. Cato Brooks Jr. as well as Dr. Clifton Rhodes, and Dr, Green Davidson.

I was also fortunate to attend, "Generation Next". This was held at the historic New Bethel Baptist Church, where Dr Robert Smith is the pastor This was 3 nights of preaching by some of the country's finest young preachers such as; Rev. Sedric Veal, Rev. Clinton McFarland, Rev Marcus Davidson, Rev Clifford Mayes, Rev. Elliot Ivey, and Rev. Bertrand Bailey! These men of God really preached out of their souls. I was blessed to witness such a plethora of proclamation!

After all of that preaching including day time sessions and Late Night, it is needless to say that I was ready to preach at BBC on this morning! I arrived at Early Morning Prayer early this morning. I could not wait to get this day of public corporate worship started. This morning's topic was obedience. The prayers were fervent and filling and we felt the power of God come down and rest in the place!

I attended a portion of the adult Sunday School class and it was on fire as well. I could not wait until 11:00am worship started. Service was very high on today and I could not wait until the preaching moment. I approached the pulpit ready to tell anyone that would listen that Jesus can change their life! I preached the final message in the series, "You made a believer out of me". I preached today from John 11:39-45. The message was entitled, "A testimony from the tomb". Here's the outline:

1. Requirement for the miracle
A. Priority
B. Preparation
C. Protest

2. Raising by the Master
A. Prayer
B. Proclamation
C. Proof

3. Release of the man
A. Position
B. Pardon
C. Partnering

God really blessed the exposition of this passage on today! I thank God for His power and presence! It looks like I get a breather on this week and I plan to take full advantage of it. Pray for us as we refuel for the next phase of the " Conquest for Christ".