Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday Summary

Greetings Blogosphere!!

This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!! This past Lord's Day was an awesome experience in the Lord! I was not feeling my best at all, but the saints at BBC prayed me through. Our topic for Early Morning Prayer was "Walking in Love". The service was very high and there was expectancy in the air! I got a real good feel that the people of God were expecting God to do something great!

From devotion to the benediction the saints worshipped the God of their salvation. The choir really blessed our hearts with songs of Zion! As I stated earlier, I was not feeling my best, but I was really expecting God to use me in a mighty way. God desires to get the glory out of our lives and sometimes He has to move us out of the way so that He can use us.

I approached the preaching moment with great anticipation and expectancy! We continued in or series on "The Word of God" taken from Psalm 119. This week, the message was from verses 9-16. The message was entitled, "Washing with the Word". I only had 2 points but here's the outline:

1. Delight in the Word
A. Heed (9)
B. Hold (10)
C. Hide (11-12)

2. Duty to the Word
A. Tell (13)
B. Treasure (14-15)
C. Try (16)

God really blessed the exposition of this passage!! This series on the Word of God has breathed new life into our church family. I believe that a serious spirit filled revival of the saints has started and I look forward to watching God transform the lives of many!! I was very elated to see a young man that had been visiting for several weeks, give his life to the Lord as a Candidate for Baptism!! God is truly worthy to be praised!!

Well now I am off to a week full of meetings and readings, along with all other pastoral preparations. I will ask for your prayer for CURE. It is the organization that I help to oversee. We are engaging ourselves in study circles to see what God wants us to do about institutional racism. I know this sounds like an impossible task, but we believe that " We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!" Be Blessed!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday Summary

Greetings all in the Precious Name of Jesus the Christ! We had an awesome time in the Lord at BBC this past Lord's Day. Our Day started as normal with our Early Morning Prayer Meeting. Our Hospitality Ministry is in charge of prayer for the month of January. The topic was endurance. The prayers were fervent and much appreciated! This ministry of prayer has really been the glue of our church and I thank God for the diligence of the prayer warriors. I stand to tell you that a few people can really make a difference.

We were blessed this past Lord's Day with songs from our Male Chorus and they really ushered in a spirit of praise. I was really excited about preaching this series on the Word of God. I believe it will once again prove God's Word when He said that His word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish that for which He sent it! I am excited about the fruit that will come as a result of a people falling in love again with His Word!!

I approached the preaching moment with great enthusiasm! I preached a message from Psalm 119:1-8, entitled, "The wonder of the Word" Here's the outline:

1. The Word will make you Delightful

2. The Word will make you Devout

3. The Word will make you Diligent

God really blessed the exposition of this text! This will prove to be a busy week as I have made the decision to finish my education! I had 3 classes on yesterday and they were delightful, but I have tons of homework to do, so off I go. Pray for me as I try to find balance to my schedule again! I will begin posting Wednesday in the Word again hopefully on tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday Summary

It was a pleasure to be in the Lord's presence this past Lord's Day. Unfortunately for me, I did not make Early Morning Prayer Service, due to the fact that my grandparents were in town. It brought me great joy to bring the New Year in with them.

I am always excited about the 1st Sunday of the year. To me in represents the start of a new opportunity. There was so much excitement and expectation in the atmosphere that you could almost cut it with a knife. Our numbers were down due to over a foot of snow, but the spirit was high!

The choir blessed us in song and I was really ready to preach. I approached the preaching moment with great anticipation! I began a new series entitled, "Building on the Word of God". I introduced this series from the book of Nehemiah 8:1-6. The sermon was called, "We want the Word". Here's the outline:

1. Hunger for the Word (V.1)

2. Hearing of the Word (V. 2-4)

3. Honoring of the Word (V.5)

4. Heeding to the Word (V.6)

God really blessed the exposition of this passage and I was encouraged by several of our members that this is what will get us to the place that God has for us. Several of them told me that their prayer for the year was that they would get into the Word of God more this year. God always has a way of confirming His Word for His people. I can't wait to preach the next sermon in this series. This Sunday we will be sharing from Psalm 119:1-8. I ask for your prayers for this series. God Bless and keep you.