Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Summary

We had a wonderful day of worship at BBC! Our Early Morning Prayer Service is still being geared toward and end to the violence in our community. Attendance was low, but the spirit was high and the prayers were fervent.

I announced to the church that we are starting 40 days of fasting and praying with churches from all over the area. We start tomorrow and end on December 21. I am looking forward to the great benefits of this spiritual discipline.

On 2nd Sunday's we are blessed to have our Male Chorus sing. God really used them to set the atmosphere for the preached word. I approached the preaching moment with a sense of urgency, ready to offer God worship through the preaching of His Word! We continued in our series entitled "Real Worship". Today I preached from Genesis 22:1-14. The message was entitled, "Tips for True Worship". Here's the basic outline:

1. True worship must be constant.

2. True worship must be compliant.

3. True worship must be costly.

4. True worship must be confident.

God blessed the exposition and the presentation! When I was finished, I felt like I had poured all of myself out to the Lord. I was spent and ready to call it a day. I thank God for giving me this series to preach. It's really beginning to change the climate at BBC!

As, I stated earlier, I was extremely tired and ready to go home, but we had an afternoon service. Today was our Male Chorus Anniversary. We were blessed with several Male Choirs from the area, as well as our own. It was a good service! I am a little sad because the Bears lost today. Well that's about it for tonight. I am already excited and nervous about preaching next week. I have the awesome task of preaching the close-out message for the 5th year Anniversary celebration for my brother, Pastor Andre A. McGhee. Pray my strength!!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Spoon, your passion and depths of your heart is oozing out of the very words that you write. It is clear that God has placed a mandate on your ministry so that you can use it to bring about real change to not only BBC but to the greater South Bend area as well. Great outline and I am grateful to God that I am reading your outlines first on worship, because I am starting a series on worship on first Sunday in January and it is allowing me to see how I have to ensure that my outlines come as close as it can to yours. What a preacher! By the way, nice picture in that big ole great room of yours. I can't wait to grow up!


Fitts said...

Pastor Mann said it well, you are doing a great work and you are a great preacher.

Great outline!

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

My Brother,

Once again you have blessed the blogosphere with a biblically sound exposition on true worship. I commend you for your passion for ministry and your heart for the South Bend community. Please know that you have my full support.

As for Sunday,I'm coming as a sheep for the slaughter. I can't wait to hear you preach.

Clinton Smith said...

Great work my brother!


Stay in the vineyard, keep strong pastor...

GOD Bless~~~

Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

As usual nothing but the best from spoon. I am grateful the giants of South Bend allowed a grasshopper like me to worship with them and I look forward to dying graveyard dead this Sunday evening at GSJ under the preaching of Dr. Witherspoon.

Vietta P's two cents said...

I commend you for your concern and the concern of other believers to put in action and find remedy for neighborhood crime that has littered all our cities. Congratulations on the anniversary of the Male Chorus and for the service rendered by all the other men singers. I will be prayerful for the success of Pastor McGhee's anniversary service as you stand to preach God's word. Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

Pastor I pray that the Lord will honor your work in trying to redeem the youth of Indy. May he give you strength for the journey.

I know the ground will definetly be shaking this Sunday as all the prophets are gathered at GSJ and as you deliver the word.

May God truly be honored in your proclomation of his word.

Be Encouraged.
Tony R.

Ronald said...

Ditto, in my humble opinion you are a sound, solid and significant expositor. I pray that God will continue to give you all that is needed for you to accomplish His will.


Shanita Waters said...

Hi Pastor... This is my first time here and I wanted to say hello. I enjoyed your post and and also felt the exceitement.

God bless you!
Shanita Waters

Vietta P's two cents said...

Thanks Doc for the Happy Birthday. You guys make me feel younger. I'm loving the attention. Take care.