Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday Summary

It was a pleasure to be in the Lord's presence this past Lord's Day. Unfortunately for me, I did not make Early Morning Prayer Service, due to the fact that my grandparents were in town. It brought me great joy to bring the New Year in with them.

I am always excited about the 1st Sunday of the year. To me in represents the start of a new opportunity. There was so much excitement and expectation in the atmosphere that you could almost cut it with a knife. Our numbers were down due to over a foot of snow, but the spirit was high!

The choir blessed us in song and I was really ready to preach. I approached the preaching moment with great anticipation! I began a new series entitled, "Building on the Word of God". I introduced this series from the book of Nehemiah 8:1-6. The sermon was called, "We want the Word". Here's the outline:

1. Hunger for the Word (V.1)

2. Hearing of the Word (V. 2-4)

3. Honoring of the Word (V.5)

4. Heeding to the Word (V.6)

God really blessed the exposition of this passage and I was encouraged by several of our members that this is what will get us to the place that God has for us. Several of them told me that their prayer for the year was that they would get into the Word of God more this year. God always has a way of confirming His Word for His people. I can't wait to preach the next sermon in this series. This Sunday we will be sharing from Psalm 119:1-8. I ask for your prayers for this series. God Bless and keep you.



Pastor Witherspoon

It is wonderful to hear of your family ties.

Happy New Year and we should have greater expectations for this year than what we did for the Lord last year.

Brother: Wilson

Vietta P's two cents said...

Happy New Year Doc. I miss you. I was immediately made excited to read your post. Glad you had the fellowship of your grandparents. Family is so special. I was also happy to hear of the awesome word preached and pray the series go's well. I am impressed with those of you further north that brave the ice and snow to go to worship. If we have a little breeze and rain here, us southerners hybernate, lol. I hope to be by a little more often. Take care. Love you.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Great Job as always Doc Spoon. You continue to show your awesome gifts that God has placed upon you to make the Kingdom of God better day by day...I am proud of you man for real.

I know you had a good time with MY GRANDPARENTS LOL


Clinton Smith said...

Good work sir and Happy New Year!