Monday, February 28, 2011

Motivation for Ministry


This past Lord's day at BBC was a wonderful worship experience!  I am always blessed when I attend Early Morning Prayer Meeting. As always, I was lifted and inspired as I watched and heard the people of God make their requests known.  There is power in prayer, and God's power is always present at prayer service.

Morning Worship for the past few week has been very high! I am elated to see God's people with a spirit of expectation. When we come to church, we should expect God to do something transformative in the lives of His people.  Our Mass Choir really ushered in the presence of the Lord, after a very inspiring devotion by our Deacons Ministry.  I really feel like the choir sometimes tries to set me up for failure by singing so well.  Nevertheless, I approached the preaching moment with great anticipation. We continued our 2 Corinthians series, and I preached a message from chapter 4:1-6.  The message was entitled, "Motivation for Ministry". Here's the outline:

1.  Value of Mercy (1)

2.  Validity of Ministry (2-5)

3.  Victory of the Master (6)

God really blessed the exposition of the text!  I thank God for the wonderful privilege and awesome responsibility of preaching His Word.  I am already excited and anxiously waiting for next week, so I can preach again!

Well, its time for me to go for now. I must start sermon preparation and Bible Study.  I also have a few meetings on this week as well as my coaching responsibilities for the Washington High School Track Team, who are preparing for their 1st meet of the season on this Saturday.  They are well prepared and they work very hard,s o I know they will do well. God Bless you and keep you is my prayer!


Rev. Barney said...

you keep on preaching these kind of messages and you will be building a solid foundation for sure. Don't forget to rest my friend you are not getting any younger. But don't stop preaching.

Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...


I appreciate you because you always keep your food low to the ground. You feed your entire church both the high and low not ny dumbing down the WORD but rather by meeting people at their point of need through the life-changing Power of the Word.

Keep running Pastor,