Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Summary


I pray that everyone is doing well.  I want to start off by wishing everyone a very happy new year! I pray that this year be the best year of your life this far.  I am truly excited about all of the possibilities that 2013 hold in store for all of us.

Today was a wonderful day of corporate worship at BBC. Our day begins at 8am with prayer. This has great value in the life and vitality of our church, especially since I have been led of God in this season to draw the church closer together in the area of prayer. I've clearly heard the Lord say that all that we desire as individuals and as a body of believers according to the will of God will happen as we seek after God.

I was very eager to preach this morning but also somewhat hesitant. As many of you know, I am a competitive weightlifter amd while training for a competiion that I have on March 9th, I seriously injured my lower back. It has been difficult to walk and at times even to stand, but after a week and a half of therapy and much prayer, I felt as though I could preach. Our Male Chorus graced us today with the music for the day. It always does my heart good to see men leading in the worship service.

I preached a sermon from Psam 127:1-2, entitled, Lord, build us a house! I argued that it is better and we obtain greater results in trusting the Lord rather than exerting oursleves in tireless labor. We want the Lord to build our house because:

1. God will produce
2. God will protect
3. God will give us peace

Thank God for the exposition of the text and the response as a result of the preaching. There were members that came to rededicate their lives to the Lord, and one even desired to be baptized again. 

I look forward to this week of meetings with our new ministry leaders. I also look forward to resuming Bible Study on this week. We will be studying Daniel chapter 2.  I ask that you would pray for my continued healing and hopefully I can return to the gym soon. I look forward to sharing with you again real soon! Until then, peace!!!!!

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