Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Summary

It was a great day in the Lord at BBC!!! We culminated our Men's and Women's Day celebration on today. This morning we were blessed with Zion songs from our Male Chorus and because our invited guest did not show, I preached our Men's Day Message. Our theme was Psalm 133, "The Beauty of Brotherhood". I thank the Lord for giving me power to preach this much needed message in our church. (I'm usually at least a 3 point preacher) Here's my outline:

1. Beauty of Bonding (1)

A. Bonding brings God's Presence (2)

B. Bonding causes God's Production (3a)

2. Beauty of Blessing

A. Place of Blessing (3b)

B. Permanence of Blessing (3b)

This afternoon the Women of BBC were in charge under the direction of the Minister's Wives.

Our Minister's Wives are (from left to right) Sis. Yvonne Levine (not pictured), Sis. Emma Jean Petty, Sis Staci Jennings, Sis Tracey Buggs (today's speaker), Sis Schalisa Tate, and Lady Nicole Witherspoon. Don't they look pretty in their purple?

We had a glorious time. The tradition at BBC is on Women's Day, the Minister's Wives speak. Sis Buggs was very nervous because she has never spoken in public before, but she did a wonderful job.

This was a great day of celebration at BBC!! I really look forward to this every year and we are anticipating a wonderful time on next year as well!
I am looking forward to this week as I will be preparing my last message of the series entitled, "The Church as Christ sees it" I am anxiously awaiting this preaching opportunity!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Rev that outline is outstanding! The Lord blessed whether your guest showed up or not. I know you had a great day and the improvements look great in the pulpit. Again, I am proud of you boy.


Clinton Smith said...

No shows must have been contagious this weekend! We celebrated our Men and Women Day service yesterday as well but couldn't get anyone to help us celebrate. I called my nephew and he blessed us instead. Great sermon outline! Sometimes a two point outline is better than three point outline.