Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Summary

Today was a great day of worship! I arrived at church right before Sunday School. I had the opportunity to visit all of the classes on today. I was encouraged and strengthened by most of what I heard. As I viewed one class, I was troubled by a spin that was put on the lesson that was not there, but encouraged because the teacher addressed it very well. This means I must work harder in teacher's meeting. The Lesson today was from Numbers 14. This was a fantastic and an encouraging lesson for me. I really like how Moses in spite of all of his opposition by people who had not too long ago sang his praise, prayed for them as God wanted to eliminate them for their rebellion and their wanting to get a new leader to go back to Egypt. I really enjoy Sunday School, especially teaching it.

Today, we were blessed with songs from our Male Chorus. I have some men that have really stepped up their role in corporate worship! To God be the Glory!! I did not preach today. We were blessed in the preaching moment by Rev. Jordan Key from Michigan. He is an associate minister of Christ Temple Baptist Church and the son in law of one of our most faithful and dedicated members, Sis. Daisy Barnes. It was a blessing to hear him preach and he did an awesome job! He preached from Jonah 1:1-3. The message was entitled, "A ship headed in the wrong direction". This was a timely message that was a blessing to the people of God.

This was about it as far as worship went on today. I ask for your prayers as this week will prove to be a busy one. I have meetings that begin on tomorrow, there is a revival that I wanna support at Macedonia MBC, hosted by Pastor Ray E. Owens, where the guest evangelist is Pastor Rickey Harvey, Bible Study and sermon preparation for this coming Sunday, as well as an IMA meeting this weekend. My mind has been flooded with various thoughts that I've been meaning to write down. Unfortunately many of them have since escaped me, but on this week, I will attempt to blog about some of these discussions. Be Blessed!!!


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...


Sometimes I look at your schedule and wonder how do you do it, then I am reminded, we serve a good God.

Keep running,


Rev. Barney said...

All the strenght you use up, God is able to replenish before you give out. Stay true to the course of God and I know God will stay true to you.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Doctor, I can't wait to read your thoughts as it has always been apparent, that you have one of the greatest minds I know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rev. as big mama would say...I praying your strength in the Lord...

You have a lot on your plate but God's grace and strenght is more than sufficeint to sustain you.

Praying for you brother.
Be Encouraged.

Tony R.

Clinton Smith said...

God will give rest and refreshment when needed the most.