Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Summary

This past Lord's Day is one that we at BBC shall not soon forget!! The power of God was manifest from beginning to end. I was not at Early Morning Prayer, but I am positive that the intercessors played a significant role in happenings of Sunday. I know that they bathed all of us in prayer and it was definitely felt.

Morning Worship started off on fire. Our Deacons Ministry really set the tone in the Devotional Service. The Mass Choir really blessed us with their ministry and took the service even higher! We felt the Glory Cloud fall in the place!! At this point, I pondered whether I should preach or should we just continue to praise. I was compelled by God to preach and I am so glad that I obeyed the command of God!

I preached a message from Psalm 91:1-3. The message was entitled,, "A story worth Telling". I argued that for too long many of us have been telling the wrong story. We have been telling about our mistakes, mess ups, and mis haps, instead of our miracles and makeovers! The story that we should all be telling includes these few things:

1. Devotion
A. Presence
B. Protection

2. Declaration
A. Provision
B. Praise

3. Deliverance
A. Power
B. Peace

God truly blessed the preaching of this text! I believe this is just what our church needed and I feel the winds of change beginning to blow on the hearts of the people. There was great celebration over the Word of God!! Bless His Holy name!!!

This did not conclude our day of worship. We traveled to Dowagaic, Michigan to Second Baptist Church to celebrate in worship with them for their 142 Church Anniversary! This was a blessed occasion for a church that has such a rich history and I am honored to have been asked to be the preacher. I preached from their theme which was, "A foundation that cannot be moved" Luke 6:48-49. Here's the outline:

1. Advantage of Selection

2. Assurance of Storms

3. Ability to Stand

4. Abruptness of Shattering

God blessed this preaching moment as well. Thank God for His Word!!! However, my day ended on a very sad note as I had to travel to Gary for a wake of one of my childhood friends, Lewis Eldridge or "Two Ton" as we called him. On last Tuesday he was brutally murdered in front of his home washing his car. I cannot express how tired I am of burying young men and women due to gun violence! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! This is why I am so passionate about our Gun Buy Back! I am really looking forward to doing the next one, but in the mean time, let's strive to make our communities safer places!

Well, that's enough for now. I have really enjoyed my off day today to refresh and refuel for this busy week ahead filled with preaching, teaching, and meeting!! I am off to do tomorrow the same thing I do everyday, try and take over the world for Jesus Christ!! God Bless!!


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

BBC is blessed with a preaching, pro-active and powerful pastor. let me know when you start teaching the preaching class for associates, I will be on the front row.


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Great post, Great Preaching, Great Pastor, and Great Person. I'm so glad I know you.

Clinton Smith said...

Praise God for holding you up this weekend! Keep up the work President Doc Spoon.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Brother Pastor, my God what a post. I love great preaching and you are a great preacher whose faithfulness to the assigned text is what all preachers ought to aspire for.


Ronald said...

You make me want to be a better Pastor/Teacher.

Thanks for sharing God’s blessings on your life. Violence only begets violence also praying for the success of the gun buy back.

May God continue to give you strength


Rev. Barney said...

I know you changed the locks when I left home, but is there a window cracked somewhere?

As always my heart rejoices when I hear of the great things God is doing with and through Bethlehem and their esteemed pastor. God bless you my brother!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother, I truly thank God for allowing you and I to cross paths. I truly enjoy reading all your posts. Cant wait until next March when you come back to Columbus, Georgia for our Spring Revival.