Friday, March 13, 2009

Revival Night 3

Tonight we had a wonderful closeout of this revival! We were blessed with the presence of the vice moderator and several other pastors. The New Beginnings Choir really took me back with their singing. They sang one of my favorite songs, "God specializes in things that seem impossible".

I was ready to preach after that, but Pastor Vincent T. Ellison took us to another level as he sang the sermonic hymn. He is truly a gifted man of God. I was blessed by his fellowship. Tonight, we concluded with a message from 2 Corinthians 4:17 entitled, "The pleasure of persecution". Here's the basic outline:

1. Your suffering is not serious

2. Your suffering won't stay

3. Your suffering causes success

God blessed in a marvelous way and the people praised over the preached word! When I was done preaching, Pastor Ellison sang, "When the gates swing open", when he did this HE DUMPED THE HOUSE!!! You can check him out on you tube!

All in all this was a great week of revival, and I am grateful to God for allowing me to come and share my convictions. However, I am ready to go back home and see my family and the people of BBC! God Bless!


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...

Rev, you are a great preacher and an even better brother. I am glad that you are coming home, there was a great power loss when you left, no wonder the Sun is shining so bright this morning, Dr. Witherspoon is headed home.

Bless you Big Bro,


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Revun I am certain that the city of Columbus, GA will never be the same since the mighty ministry of Keith D. Witherspoon stopped by this year. Outstanding job doc.


Avery Minor II said...

Don't you be getting too comfortable down there. I have never been to Columbus, GA, but I will find it and bring you back to BBC where you belong! I am glad to hear that it went well. Sounds like you tore the house down!(As usual)