Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Wrap Up

Greetings Blogging bunch! I will start this post by letting you know that this will probably be a little lengthy, so I apologize in advance. Last week was the annual City Wide Revival put on by I.M.A. . I was excited for 2 reasons, first because I really needed to be preached to and secondly this would be my first event as president of the I.M.A. Our evangelist for the week was, Rev. Dr. James A. Boyd, pastor of the Zion Gate Missionary Baptist Church of Columbus, Mississippi. Dr. Boyd has served as the pastor of this church for almost 44 years! He preached with power and passion each night, challenging both clergy and congregation to live up to our God given potential. He was truly a blessing to the body and I look forward to hearing more from him.

Normally, during the revival, we have noon day services featuring local pastors. However, over the past few years, attendance has been extremely low. Because of the drop off in attendance, we decided to combine the noon day into the night service and allow the local pastors to lecture. This turned out to be a wonderful idea! All the pastors were to lecture from an invitational passage of the bible. I was selected for the lecture on Friday night. The passage I chose was Matthew 11:28-30. It was simply called, "An invitation to rest" Here's the outline:

1. Request (Come unto me)
2. Requirement (All you that labor and are heavy laden)
3. Reward (I will give you rest)
4. Responsibility (Take my yoke upon you and learn of me)
5. Resume (I am meek and lowly in heart)
6. Revelation (You shall find rest unto your soul)
7. Report (My yoke is easy and my burden is light)

God blessed as I did my best to keep this at a lecture! This revival was truly a wonderful experience as Dr. Boyd shared with the pastors and ministers some of the pleasures and pitfalls of pastoring.

After hearing such a great week of preaching, I could not wait to get to the pulpit on Sunday! As always, we started out public worship day with Early Morning Prayer. The topic for the day was being available.. My heart was lifted as the prayers of the saints went forth. It was amazing to see the people of God crying out to Him for them to be available to be used by Him.

The choir truly blessed us and set the tone for worship. I approached the preaching moment with anticipation of something transformitive happening in the lives of the people of God as a result of hearing the Word of God! We continued in our series, "No more drama". The passage for the preaching moment was James 2:1-4. The message was entitled "The problem with partiality" Here's the basic outline:

1. Adverse Contradiction (v.1)

2. Absence of Consideration (v.2-3)

3. Antagonistic Conclusion (v.4)

God blessed the exposition and presentation as we were challenged to not show favoritism. The closing argument was simply this. We are no better then anyone and all of us have what we have, simply because of God's grace! It's not that we've applied ourselves, been good, been careful, made all the right decisions, or even the fact that we are saved, it is simply God' grace!

The IMA started a night worship on 5th Sunday nights at 7pm. This is part of fulfilling the three-fold vision of the IMA: 1. Restoring the Worship 2. Reclaiming our Witness 3. Reconciling the World. Our preacher was Rev. Dwight L Gutridge, pastor of the St. Luke AME Zion church of Gary, Indiana. We were truly blessed as he encouraged us on what to do when your life is a mess. This was a tremendous day of worship and I believe that God was pleased with our offering of public worship!

Pray for us this week as we continue to "Serve the Lord with gladness"!


Pastor Rev. Ray E. Owens said...


Just like our POTUS, you have hit the ground running in your reign as president and South Bend is better for it. Praise God that he has so ordered this that the best is not what has been but the best is yet to come.

Keep running,


Anonymous said...

Bro. President, job well done. Spoon you are a great blessing to the IMA. May the Lord continue to grant you his wisdom to provide godly leadership to those you lead.

Praying for you brother.

Tony R.

Clinton Smith said...

What a week! Praise God holding you guys up the entire week and may the people be all the better. Keep up the good work, Pres. Doc Spoon.

Ronald said...

Praise God for allowing you and the senior pastor's that serve along side of you to touch this generation and to impact prayerfully generations to come.

May your tribe increase,

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Sir you are acting just like a president out to act. Keep pressing towards the mark and watch God's people follow you towards the mountaintop.


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

It was our honor to host you and the entire IMA constituiency. I am praying God's richest blessings upon you as you serve the Lord with gladness.

Vietta P's two cents said...

I just shared with Pastor McGhee as I commented on his last post and display of wonderful photos of such a grand revival, that I will be prayerful for your Presidency and continued unity among the brethren of the IMA. Our city wide IMA has been very instrumental in leading and developing outstanding ministries throughout our city and beyond. Unfortunately, lately we have sensed an obvious obstacle.

I pray your strength in the Lord and for the success of the entire IMA. Be blessed.