Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Summary

What a day of worship at BBC! I was not feeling well this morning, so I didn't make Early Morning prayer. When I got to church, I spent the Sunday School time trying to feel better and prepare myself for public worship. I was really anxious to preach even though it seemed like my voice did not want to cooperate.

I've been trying to move the church to more God centered worship instead of just "doing what we do". I must admit, the Music Ministry has really embraced this and it has taken the corporate worship to a whole new level! As the preaching moment approached, I began to feel better. when I stood up, I felt no pain or sickness. God be praised!!

I began a new sermon series today, entitled "Real Worship". I preached a message entitled "Handling the Presence of God, part 1, taken from 1 Chronicles 13:1-10.

Premise: There is a right way and a wrong way to handle the things of God

1. David had noble intentions

David's desire was good, but if we want to properly handle the things of God, we need more than good intentions. We later discover that David's motivation had a secret desire in it as well. He wanted to build God a temple and getting the presence of God (represented by the Ark) back would help to make this happen. Do we want God's presence for our own desires? Can Satan say about you what he accused Job of?

2. David had naughty implementation

A. David's consultation
Nowhere do we read that David consulted the Lord, he asked the people and they wanted it, so David went for it. It might be a good idea, but it might not be God's intent!

B. David's choosing
God commanded that only the Levites could move the ark. David chose Ahio and Uzza to move it. How often do we neglect God's command for our convenience?

C. David's carrying
God commanded that the ark be carried on the shoulders with staves by the priests, not on a new cart. New carts represent the easy way. Many times we forsake the Eternal way for the easy way. There are too many "new carts" in the church today!

3. Negative interaction
Uzza touched the ark because he thought it was going to fall, and God struck him dead! How many ties do we pt our hands in God's business and cause ourselves damage?

God really blessed the exposition today! We ended on a high note as I charged those that recommitted themselves on last week to remember the promise they made to God, and to help one another keep their promise!

This evening, we had our Sunday School Annual Day. Our guest was fellow blogger, Pastor Barney D. Lewis and the New Peter's Rock Baptist Church. We were blessed by their presence and fellowship. I will let him post his own outline, but I benefited from his exposition.

I concluded my day of corporate worship by attending New Hope Full Gospel Church to celebrate with their pastor, Bishop Steven Reed in his 18th year Anniversary. My little brother Elder Brandon Jacobs of New Zion Temple Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana was the guest preacher. He is a very gifted young man, and he let God use him mightily. There was a great spirit of praise in that place! As we say in the Mid- West, "they picked em up and put em down from Dan even unto Ber-sheba and that 139 miles!"

All in all, I believe that God was pleased today with my offering of worship on today! I'm looking forward to tomorrow as Pastor McGhee and I will heed the call of Pastor HB Charles and "bring the books!" as we are going to the bookstore. Be Blessed!


Fitts said...

Brother, I can not wait until i am in Indiana, so I can stop by Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church. I can appreciate a preacher who does his homework, even your bible studies reflect that.

Keep up the good work!!!

By the way, I'm going through some similar issues with worship at Peace Chapel. I am moving away from the choir towards Praise and Worship (for more God centered worship). I am getting some resistance, but I am determined!


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

One thing I know. Preaching does happen at BBC! Once again your excellence in pursuing the heart of the text is stellar and scholarly. Thank God for yor preaching presence.

By the way, thanks for the fellowship earlier today. It was a blessing.


I hope that you feel better now.

GOD Bless the Pastors!!!

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Preach Boy! Outstanding outline revun. BBC is blessed to have you attempting to bring them to a higher level of worship. Keep going doctor.


Anonymous said...

Rev. Witherspoon great outline. Like I told your brother Lance.....the c.d. Witherspoon....the c.d...

Keep up the good work brother.Know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.
Praying for you!

Tony R.

Reginald C. Payne said...

God be praised he brought you through, isn't that just like God, keep up the good work brother our prayers are with you!

Clinton Smith said...

Preach a while Rev, preach!

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

What can I say - Great my Brother! Keep up the good work and I hope you are feeling better soon!