Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday in the Word

We had a wonderful Wednesday in the Word! This was a very inspiring day for me! Our noon day class went very well. After our noon day service, I attended a lunch meeting with Pastor McGhee and Pastor Owens. I enjoyed the fellowship with these men of God!

Our Sunday School teacher's meeting went very well. Our lesson was taken from Acts 13:1-12. the lesson was entitled " Set apart for Service". This lesson focused on the call of Barnabas and Saul being sent out to do a work for the Lord. Paul had already been commissioned to preach to the Gentiles, and now God was calling Barnabas to minister with him. The church confirmed their calling, commissioned the men, and sent them forth. It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit, working through the local church, to equip and enlist believers to go forth and serve

As they went about preaching there was an Openness to the Word. It's a tragic thing but in life, just like in this text, openness to the Word is usually followed by Opposition to the Word. Elymas, who was a sorcerer did his best to try and stop the deputy from hearing the Word of God!! Elymas blasphemy led to his blindness. However I'm so glad the opposition to the Word, does not stop Obedience to the Word. The end result was the deputy saw what was done, was shocked at the doctrine, and was saved from damnation!!

In our Bible Study, we continued in our study of Romans. We looked at Romans 2:1-4. In chapter 1:18-32, Paul deals with the judgment of the heathen. In chapter 2:1-16, he deals with the judgment of the hypocrite. A hypocrite by definition is a play actor. In these days, actors wore masks to express the emotion that they were portraying. Hmmm, does this sound like anyone that we may know? Whether we will admit it or not, all of us have the potential if not the practice of being hypocritical. God judges the hypocrite according to truth. God's judgment is fair because it is according to the truth.

When we judge (criticize, find fault, condemn), we measure ourselves by the actions of others. However God's standard is the truth. When we find fault and constantly criticize others, the text suggests that we condemn ourselves because we are guilty of the same things. I likened this to dirt calling other dirt dirty! Grandma had real really good theology on this subject when she said, "It takes one to know one"! All in all, I believe that the people were blessed and left with a better understanding of what it means to be so critical of others. We would have better communities, culture, and churches if we were in the business of building people instead of condemning them!


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...


This is an awesome post! It just breathes preaching! I was so blessed by both lesson outlines you gave. That was truly delicious.

You are a great preacher/pastor, and am so glad you are my brother and hope BBC truly appreciate the jewel they have in you. Stay the course Revunnn!!

Fitts said...

Once again good stuff my brother! I'm happy to have you as a blog brother. Keep up the great work you do in pastoring God's people. Stay steadfast Doc!!!

Anonymous said...

Pastor I am sure that the restaurant where you three preachers were dinning was turned into a sanctuary as you all fellowshiped. Knowing that McGhee has worked his way through that Romans passage, I bet both of you yanked it before leaving. I am sure Ray through his chunk on the fire and it was over.

Glad to hear of the great things that are going on there and the great fellowship you brothers share.

Keep feeding the flock.

Be Encouraged.

Tony R.


Great to hear of our Pastors fellowshipping, even over physical food.

Brother Wilson

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Spoon, your bible study lessons are a treasure to the Body of Christ, and to us preachers because you put as much effort into your lessons as you do your sermons on Sunday morning.

Never stop pressing your way through the Word so that the people that God has given you will be blessed. Outstanding outline Doctor!