Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

There is something that has been troubling me for some time now. I've been wondering about how much effective outreach can be done in the church, when so much of the time is spent doing in-reach?

I hate to say this but, if we truly are soldiers in the army of the Lord, one of two things has happened. 1. We are being wounded and almost killed by "friendly fire", or 2. The enemy has invaded our camp and wreaking havoc on every hand. Help me with this!!!

There are so many things that we as the body of Christ can fight for, but instead of fighting the good fight of faith, we are fighting over antiquated practices and abject positions. Instead of earnestly contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints, we are fighting over budgets and buildings!

When World War I broke out, the War Ministry in London dispatched a coded message to one of the British outposts in the inaccessible areas of Africa. The message read: “War declared. Arrest all enemy aliens in your district.”

The War Ministry received his prompt reply: “Have arrested ten Germans, six Belgians, four Frenchman, two Italians, three Austrians, and an American. Please advise immediately who we're at war with!"

Let's stop warring with and wounding each other and take the fight where it should be!


Fitts said...

Doc Spoon, this is deep my brother and I most certainly feel where you coming from (in a real way). We just had our quarterly business meeting Sunday and I still have some wounds from the "friendly fire" to prove it!!!

Pride is what keeps us from taking the fight where it needs to be.

God bless you Doc, you are in my prayers. Please pray for me!

Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

My God!!! Doc...this is stellar!!! Be assured that you have blessed me this morning. I not only needed to read this, but I am in a series 'No More Church As Usual'. Thanks for my intro and conclusion. You are a true proclaimer and thinker!!! By the way--I know this blog also calls for dialogue. I will have to write back once I think it through!!!

Clinton Smith said...

The earlier part of this year, our church had a "friendly fire" experience. I don't have time to explain in great detail all events but let me say this much, we have wounded members because of it. When it started, I told one of the leaders that the road we were headed was not the right road for us as church. We're too small to be fighting over positions and power. I explained to our B.O.D that the ministry of the church is the business of the church. Needless to say, they did not agree and proceeded with their plans. Unfortunately for them, God did not let their plan go through. Some of them who still attend our church have been hurt while others have left. It hurt our church because we lost some good members in the process. I'm having to teach and preach harder now to heal wounds and fight the fight. Thank you for this post. I thought it was just me dealing with this issue. Also, check out my article from May entitled "Win Win Situations" dealing with this very issue and let know your thoughts. God bless you sir.

Arhone said...

Pastro Witherspoon, great post. Why does this happen so often in our churches? We fight over things of no eternal significance.

Love the illustration.

Stay at the wheel and keep preaching the Word!

Be Encouraged!

Tony R.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Spoon, you know that we talk about this type of situation at least 3 times per week regarding our respective ministries. And the sad reality of the matter is that this, along with low salaries, is the main reason why many Pastors quit the ministry. It is so hard working enthusiastically in the church when people who we try to lead, are so HELL-BENT (excuse me family) on leading us.

I have to deal with friendly-fire each and every week about something that our church talked about and voted on twice 18 months ago. And when I hear other Pastors around this country going through this same stuff, it brings tears to my eyes.

We need, as co-laborers of the Gospel to continue encouraging each other to stay in the race. We need to all get on a conference call and set up a retreat where we can talk about this stuff and help each other deal.


Rev. Barney said...

I am praying for you pastor. One of the common mistakes we make when dealing with "friendly fire," is we start to neglect the sheep for the goats.

We begin to pay more attention to those that make the most noise and fail to notice the ones that are going about God's business in submission to God and obedience to leadership.

Keep your eyes on the sheep the goats are just a distraction. I love to watch western movies. One thing I notice the bad guys love to do is send some one around the side to draw the good guys fire.

Don't lose your focus preacher. This is a time of testing to see if you have the stick-to-itness necessary for the fight. I believe you do. I pray for you!

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

My Brother,

I am so thankful for the brilliant mind for ministry God has given you. You touched on so much in just a few words.

The scriptures teaches us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Thanks for the fervent reminder that our battle is not with each other. May the Lord put our priorities in perspective so that we can get the real work done.