Thursday, September 18, 2008

Revival Night 2

The Lord really showed up in the Rock on tonight! I don't know how the pastor and people feel, but this revival has been a real blessing to me! Again the worship was timely and terrific!

I approached the preaching moment with great passion! The Lord allowed me to preach tonight. I preached from 2 Chronicles 20:12-17, entitled "How to win the battle without fighting". The Lord blessed the information, gave me inspiration, the people were filled with expectation, received the Word with jubilation, which resulted in all of our celebration!! Worthy is the Lamb!! Here's the outline:"

1. Look to God

A. Hope

B. Help

2. Trust in God

A. Speak concerning your situation

B. Fight your battles

3. Wait on God

A. Place you in position to watch him work

B. Bring you victory

The Lord really blessed as 2 more people came forward! Pray for us as we finish tomorrow! I do want to send a special thank you to my brother and fellow blogger Pastor McGhee, who graced us with his presence on tonight.


Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Knowing how tired we as Christians get from the constant fight on this journey I was intrigued by the subject of the message "How to win the battle without fighting". What a welcomed thought. After reading your outline I immediately read the text and was familiar with a portion of the scriptures. We often quote... "the battle is not yours,but God's" in our attempt to console the spirit.

In your outline I am curious about your second point "Trust in God" part B in how it relates and ties into the subject. Did they record the message? I'd like to hear it. This is a great one Doc Spoon.

Worthy IS the Lamb!!
Be blessed

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

May God continue to bless your meetings this week. I pray that you will all be encouraged in the Lord. Great sermon outline. God bless you my brother in all you do.

vietta/mother said...

Why am I not on your blog roll?

Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Thank you. I feel better now.


Clinton Smith said...

Praise God, people came forward in response to the Word! That's revival! Glad all went well for you.