Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Summary

It was a great day at BBC on today! We had a great Early Morning Prayer Service! The service was real high. It spilled over into Sunday School and then into Morning Worship! It was one of those Sunday's that everything went perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised to see my mother and my grandmother's best friend in attendance! The choir sang beautifully, alter prayer was great and everything was on point! I was excited about the preaching moment and the Lord really showed up in a marvelous way! I preached the text from Mark 5:25-34. The message was entitled, " How to handle the issues of life". Here's the outline:

1 The presence she sought
A. Heard
B. Healed

2. The position she stated
A. Determination
B. Declaration

3. The panacea of the Savior
A. Mystery
B. Mercy

The Lord really blessed the preaching moment! I think this may be a stick! When church was over, the family came over to eat dinner and then I left to attend the Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. I made it safely! Praise God!! I am looking forward to the week of fellowship and friendship.


Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

I thank God for your spirit filled Lord's day of worship. You also had the presence of family and friends in attendance which makes it a bit more special. After attending the Convention it sounds as though you had a very blessed day today.
Please pray for us as we travel to Houston to the National Baptist Convention of America, Dr. Stephen Thurston is our President. We look forward to having a blessed time of worship and fellowship.

Rev Ray E. Owens said...

That's a stick reverend, that's a big stick reverend, swing that stick Doc

Rev Ray E. Owens said...

That's a stick reverend, that's a big stick reverend, swing that stick Doc

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Great outline my brother! Glad you had a great Sunday. Enjoy your convention, see you when you return.

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

Great outline! So glad you had a good day in the Lord. Be blessed my brother.

Rev. Brad Hurley said...

God Bless you brother. I am so Thankful for the blessings that God brings in my life and yours. Isn't it sweet when it all comes together the way that it should. But really when you think about it I guess there is no such thing as a bad service, when we know that we are giving our best to the Lord. May your church services always be anointed by the Powerful precious, word of God. And I pray that the presence of the Lord move in a mighty way in your church.