Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Synopsis

It feels like I've been a bit out of touch with the "Blogging bunch". The past few days have been very enjoyable. My grandparents have been visiting with us this week and it has been a pleasure to be with them. They recently celebrated 61 years of marriage! They are going back to Gary on tomorrow and I must admit, I wish that I could convince them to stay. When the family and I moved here it was a definite change for all of us. My family and I have been lifelong residents of Gary, and moving away from all that is familiar has been a faith walk to say the least. Having them here reminds me of what I love about home!

I normally don't post on Saturday, but since I've gone "the last mile of the way" in my preparation for tomorrow, I figured no harm would be done by posting tonight. I believe that I am still on a spiritual high from Thursday night. Pastor McGhee and I traveled to BBC of Grand Rapids, Michigan to hear Dr. Clifton Rhodes Jr. and Rev. Marvin E. Wiley

They were both awesome!!! Dr. Rhodes lectured about conducting a spiritual evaluation on yourself. He was intellectual as well as inspirational! I definitely was challenged to take a look into my own spiritual life and make the needed and necessary changes. I am getting full all over again just thinking about it!!

When he was finished, some guest choirs sang and then Pastor Wiley to up to preach. I was real excited because Rev. Wiley is one of my favorite preachers to listen to. He preached from Psalm 119:71 which says, "It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes." The message was entitled, "It's all Good". It was an enlightening exposition the edified and encouraged everyone present. His outline was the good of affliction and the goal of affliction. If he gave a third point, I missed it because I was shouting!! Afterward, he gave his testimony and set us ablaze again. We were also privileged to be in his company for dinner that evening to glean more wisdom and insight from Pastor Wiley and Dr. Rhodes. After all of this, I feel like going on just a little further!!


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...


I wouldn't trade you for the world! Our friendship and fellowship is absolutely precious. So glad you got a chance to spend quality time with your grandparents. I know how much they mean to you.


A Greater Saint John member who has now become somewhat accustom to surfing the net and learning more about GODs Hand at Work with some of our Preachers of this community of ours and worldwide. Count it a Blessing to have spent time with your Grandparents and from reading your comments it was quality time.

GSJ Member

God Bless!!! said...

Thanks for the inspiration. The address for The Lighthouse is

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Hey Doctor, I know how you feel about your grandparents...I love them very much as they have made me feel like a grandson since they met me and I call them granddad and grandma Nee. Enjoy them and tell them I said Happy Anniversary.