Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Summary

Senior Day was something special at BBC! This was a great day of celebration! I look forward to this every year. This is a day, where we try and bridge the gap between the young and seasoned members. At the end of the day, the younger saints served our seasoned saints dinner menu-style. They really enjoyed it!

During our morning worship, Dr Foster really preached! His message was from Psalm 37:25, entitled, "I've been around long enough to see what God can do". This was an awesome message that really encouraged some of us younger people to just hold on and don't worry about the current state of affairs, because God is so sovereign that things will work out. I was truly blessed by this sermon.

I am looking forward to this week. I am a co-chair for an organization called CURE (CommUnity Religious Effort). Last year along with HCI (Healthy Communities Initiative), and the police departments of South Bend and Mishawaka, we hosted a Gun Buy Back. During this day, we collected 257 guns from off of the street! Many of which were illegal. Various organizations from the community really helped us out. We are having a appreciation reception to thank the community for their support. Also, the collected guns were melted down and we are presenting each sponsor with a plaque that contains a piece of the melted metal from the guns!

Also my 2nd year Pastoral Appreciation begins Thursday, I am really looking forward to hearing all of the preaching that will take place! Pray for us that all goes well!


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

I'm glad your day with the seniors of your church went well. I don't always get a chance to see you in an apron!!! Thanks for inviting me to dine with you and your great church.

Pastor Kevin L. Pullam said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of worship and word. Also good to hear about the fellowship opportunity this gave between the youth and seniors. May the Lord bless your efforts on this week. Even more, may every expression and exhortation offered during this time be instrumental in commending you "double honor" as you celebrate this time of anniversary.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Please tell Dr. Foster that he is a great mand of God!


Vietta P's Two Cents said...

Congratulations on the gun buy back program. That is a great mission and a cleaver idea for the use of the metal.

Happy 2nd Pastorial Anniversary. I pray that the festivities and worship turn out to be a Grand Jubilee of your faithful service to the Bethlehem Church Family.

Be Blessed

Clinton Smith said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! May the Lord bless your meetings of celebration.

Rev. Barney said...

I know it was a grand time in the Lord at Bethlehem for our seniors and a great opportunity for our youth to learn to value those that have paved the way for them. Keep on letting God use you to lead His people to a higher calling.

happy anniversay. We at the Rock look forward to fellowshipping with you on this coming Thursday.