Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to the Basics

In Richard Smallwood's song," Center of My Joy" there is a line that says, "You are why I find pleasure in the simple things in life." A life grounded in a relationship with Christ should allow us to appreciate the simple things. Being a full time pastor, parent, and partner (husband), I rarely find the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Normally the things I should enjoy, I find them to be burdensome and too time consuming thinking that I could be doing something else. In my quest for Godly rest, I cleared my schedule of all appointments for the day and took the time to do some needed things around the house. I worked all day in the yard. Normally this would frustrate me because I would be thinking of a million other things that I could be doing. However today was different. I really enjoyed being in the great outdoors. Being out there gave me a fresh appreciation for God's creation. I watched my kids play with the frogs and help me in the yard and that brought moments of spiritual renewal.

I was enjoying these "simple things" so much that I decided to wash my car. Normally I would just run the car through the wash, but the time I spent washing the car myself, I was reminded of when I was pastoring and did not own a vehicle and started reflecting on how far God has brought me and I had church right there!! In the busyness our handling our business, I think that we forget about life's simple pleasures.

My day concluded with Nicole and I taking a walk in the night air enjoying each others company and conversation. Today served me as a reminder that I need to get back to the basics of life. One of our seasoned Saints at BBC always tells me to slow down and enjoy life because if you don't one day you will wake up and look in the mirror and see the old man staring back at you and then wish that you would've taken the time to enjoy the "simple things" of life.

I encourage you today to take time to enjoy life. The work you didn't get done today will be there for you on tomorrow, but if you are sick, burned out, or pass away, you are no good to the undone work or the people that care about you! Be Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Withespoon I am glad that the bussiness of ministry has slowed enough for you to take in some fresh air. I know for us who take ministry seriously, feeling guilty about taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, is something we must learn to overcome. Heaven is secure and will continue to roll on through eternity even if we take time to allow the staleness of life and ministry to be blown out by the cool breeze of simplicity.

Be Encouraged!

Tony R.

Clinton Smith said...

Rest is always needed to restore your spiritual passion. This blog reminds me that it's time for me to make time for me and the family. Thanks for the reminder.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Doctor, this post caused me to shout in my office, because I remember when your car situation was bad, I remember when your first church didn't want to follow vision, and to see where your faithfulness to the Lord has brought you at BBC, I am excited about the possibilities, but I am also excited about what the Lord is readying for us at FMZBC. Bless your life boy.