Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Summary

What a day at BBC! As always we start at 8am with prayer service and it was very spirited this morning. This usually sets the tone for morning worship. When I entered the sanctuary, I was expecting a high time in the Lord, but there was a heaviness that just could not be overcome. I found out later that several of our members were worried about family in the Gulf Coast area.

However, I was determined not to let that disrupt the passion that I had for preaching his morning! Especially when I considered the message that the Lord had given me o give to the people. I preached a message from Acts 27:44, entitled, "Making it through the storms of life". I believe that God was pleased with the preaching today, although it did not invoke a rejoicing response. Here's the outline

1. Accept the Storm

2. Anchor your Self

3. Avoid others Skepticism

4. Await your salvation

Paul and the others made it safely on broken pieces. Paul was concerned about getting to Rome as God had promised, not how he looked getting to shore. If we would spend more time on God's assignment instead of our appearance to others, we would do well.

Another busy week ahead, although I do plan to eat well on Labor Day and take in some preaching on Tuesday at Macedonia M.B.C. in South Bend, where Rev. Ray Owens is the pastor. They are having revival Tuesday through Thursday. His guest for revival is Rev E.J. Tyson, pastor of the New Hope M.B.C. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I also plan to go to Bethlehem M.B.C. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Rev. Decarto Draper Jr is pastor. His guest for the week will be Rev. Marvin Wiley, pastor of the Rock of Ages Baptist Church of Maywood, Ill. Be Blessed!!!


Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Thanks for the outline. Appropriate sermon for apparent situations. Great post!!

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Revun, again you have shown a great mind for biblical exposition, and I know the House of Bread was blessed.


Anonymous said...

Pastor Witherspoon, I pray that your members were encouraged through the word on yesterday. Keep preaching the Word. We are praying for your ministry.

Hey, tell Pastor Owens his friend from OKC, Tony Rhone said hello and that we are praying for his work there.

Be Encouraged

Clinton Smith said...

Great post and outline brother. I wish I was in the area, Pastor Marvin Wiley is one of my favorite preachers. Have a Good week

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

I pray that your members be encouraged in the knowledge that God does all things perfect and He knows what He is doing. Great sermon outline, I may use it in the future! Be blessed!!