Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Summary

What a weekend! I think that is an understatement. On Saturday, I was at a concert that starred Vickie Winans at South Bend's Washington High School. Avery Minor II (music director at BBC) and the Temples of Praise were one of the opening groups. I am privileged to serve as the spiritual advisor for this group. I need to tell you they really sang unto the power of the Lord came down. I was really impressed with not only their ability, but their level of spirituality. This was their debut outing and I believe that it was a great success!! Worthy is the Lamb!!!

When they were finished, Vickie Winans took the stage. She was inspirational and very humorous!! After the concert, she came out and worked at her booth, greeting people, signing autographs and taking pictures. I thought that was commendable because there are some that when they reach a certain "status" they forget about the people who actually support them, so all in all it was a good Saturday!

This was a very exciting Lord's Day at BBC! We had our very 1st Scholarship recipient. My predecessor, the Rev. Hardy N. Petty had a passion for young people to go to school and get an education. I thought that a proper way to honor and pay tribute to his legacy would be to set up a memorial scholarship in his name. A remarkable young man named Randy Macon was awarded this scholarship. He has a remarkable testimony and is a role model for young men to follow. Pictured here from left to right are; Sis Emma Jean Petty, Randy Macon, and yours truly. We look forward to awarding 2 scholarships on next year!!

As the moment of preaching approached, I was excited and ready to share what the Lord had given me! I must admit, that I was not at my best today, to say the least. Have you ever been on a baseball team and everyone has done their part to win the game and now it's your turn to bat? This is not a time where you need a home run to win, you just need to get the ball in play, only to swing as hard as you can several times and end up with a couple of foul tips!! I feel as thought I let the Lord down. Nicole assured me that the message was good, but I think that she was just being supportive. I preached a sermon from Mark 2:1-12, entitled "A faith that sends you through the roof". Here's the outline;

Premise of the message: A faith that produces extraordinary methods, will yield extraordinary results

1. Condition of the carried
A. Feeble
B. Faith

2. Commitment of the carriers
A. Belief in Christ
B. Beyond what’s comfortable

3. Cure of Christ
A. Forgave his sin
B. Fixed his situation

4. Criticizers in the camp
A. Their reasoning
B. The Masters response

5. Celebration of the crowd
A. Perplexed
B. Praised

This will be an interesting week. The children start school on Tuesday and my oldest is a freshman this year. Pray for us that all goes well


Avery said...

Don't forget that it was you who brought down the house. The people loved you, check out my website ( I have had a lot of responses in my guestbook about you!!!!!
Peace and Blessings

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Rev. you have nothing to feel down about because looking at your outline, you did what you are required to do, you prepared a wonderful lesson. Avery is a great soul and I can't wait to hear their project and to have him play behind me again. Tell Dorrell (I hope I spelled it right) that his Uncle is proud of him. And he is beginning to exhibit ALL of his daddy's spirit.


Clinton Smith said...

Good work! Keep it up. I checked the groups website and they do sound good. I may consider bringing them to LA for our sanctuary dedication service.

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

With an outline such as this one, I fail to see your struggle. Great post!!! Busy as usual I see. Avery is making you proud. Thank God for your leadership.