Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Summary

Wow! Not blogging for a few days floods your mind with all kinds of thoughts. My family and I had a wonderful weekend! We spent Friday with fellow blogger and my brother Pastor Andre A. McGhee, his mother, and son Jared. I got a chance to show my skills on the grill! We had a wonderful fellowship and laughed at "Media goes to Jail". The fellowship was great for me as I have been in the dumps about some things going on at our church. Please keep me in your prayers, as I have been struggling with some external issues that are causing me chaos internally!

Saturday was a pretty full day for me with meetings, marriage counselings, hospital visits, and birthday parties. My Saturday concluded with me traveling to my hometown of Gary, In to attend the CD release of a colleague of mine, Minister Reginald Hogan and One Nation under God. I had a really good time hearing Zion songs from all of the artists.

When I got to BBC on today, I was on an emotional low. I was uplifted by the worship and as I approached the preaching moment, I felt better and regained my enthusiasm and fervor to preach. I finished our sermon series entitled, "The Church as the Lord sees it". The sermon was entitled, The Church that made the Lord sick, from Revelation 3:14-22. Here's my outline.

1. Christ’s Assessment

A. The Lord’s Person

B. The Laodicean’s Problem

2. Christ’s Admonishment

A. Purchase

B. Punishment

3. Christ’s Announcement

A. His Presence

B. His Promise

The Lord really blessed us today at BBC! We closed out today with a "Go Down Moses" celebration that was sponsored by our Mother's and Deaconess. Our special guests was the Macedonia Baptist Church of South Bend and their pastor, Pastor Ray Owens. It was a historical look through poetry and song at what God has brought us through. I was amazed again at how blacks have overcome adversity. We truly have something to shout about!! There were 30,000,000 Africans that died in the Middle Passage, and we still rise!! Worthy is the Lamb!

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Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Dr. Spoon,

Thanks again for the hospitality on Friday. We really enjoyed the fellowship and food. Please know that your brother is praying your strength in the Lord. Great outline!!!