Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Synopsis

I usually don't post on Saturday, due to the prayer and preparation for preaching. However, I will not be preaching in the morning because I am in Detroit, Michigan for our Family Reunion. I believe that the institution of family is Godly and sacred and should be preserved. I also believe that many of the problems in the African American community stem from a breakdown in the family unit.

This Family Reunion has been very interesting to say the least. As the priest of the family, I am usually asked to bless the meals and close in prayer which of course, I don't mind. As a general rule, there are 2 conversations that I try to stay away from; politics and religion. I do this because, no one agrees on politics and everyone (even the un-churched) have an opinion about what the church and the preacher should be doing. I also believe that to have an intelligent conversation, we need to be equipped with the same information, so it's useless to argue the bible with someone who only has one in their house and not their heart!

At the banquet on Friday evening, I was asked to give final remarks and prayer, so I did. I expressed the importance of family and asked everyone to join hands in a big circle as a sign of solidarity. All but 3 participated in this. I prayed and we were dismissed. As we were leaving, a family member got to the microphone and asked for every one's attention. I stopped to hear what was going to be said. She said that we were all family, but not all of us believed the same thing. She went on to state that the 3 that did not participate were "Jehovah's Witnesses". She then stated that we should put aside our differences in what she called "the spirit of the occasion" and then proceeded to ask us to sing one of their songs that she had already given the DJ instructions to play.

Maybe I'm confused, because I'm not as intelligent as the rest of you, but if we were putting aside differences for "the spirit of the occasion", why wouldn't they join the Christians, but then demand that we sing one of their songs? I was not going for that!! I got up and walked out and my immediate family got up behind me along with some other saints. I know that's not much, but I believe that believers need to stand for Jesus whenever possible, not just in the big things. Why is it that other religions won't compromise their convictions, but expect Christians to? I would love to hear your feedback!!

At the picnic today, everything was going good. We were all having a good time until one of my relatives started talking about preachers making too much money and that they should donate it to the poor! I was not going to mess with this, because everyone is entitled to their opinion, but then he stated that the bible does not support preachers being taken care of. Now, I have to say something because he is gaining an audience and I could not let him tell untruths about the Word of God and not say anything. I tried to appeal to his better self by way of reason, but to no avail. I turned to the Scripture. It is amazing how God brings things to your remembrance when you need them! When he saw that Scripture was prevailing, he changed his tune!! Worthy is the Lamb!!

This reunion was great for me because I had the chance to defend the faith! I don't know what the outcome will be. I trust God for the results!! Pray for us that we have a safe trip home! I will be leaving in the morning because I have to preach at an evening service in Elkhart, IN. Be Blessed!!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Rev. what I have discovered is that the reason why people of other faiths refuse to put aside their beliefs but expect Christians to do it is because we as Christians have done a "great" job refusing to be a strong proponent of apologetics when it comes to the Word of God. That maybe due to the fact that many of us are too ignorant of the Word to defend it.

I want to applaud you for doing what you have always done in your ministry: you stood strong on the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, even if it was not received well, you continued to stand. It is that kind of faithfulness to the Gospel that will cause the Lord to keep blessing your ministry. Keep preaching boy, you are one of the best!


Vietta P's Two Cents Worth said...

Pastor Keith, I would also like to applaud you for facing the obvious challenges that were set before you at the reunion. I agree that we as Christians can be laid back and intimadated by ignorance of the word and not confront non believers. Many are not confident in their religious ideas and beliefs because of this ignorance.

In my feeble opinion you were exactly correct in all situations. Merely because I know, just as you and the others who protested, know it is a sin to bow down to anything that is not of God. We are God's Ambassadors at all times. What you did at the reunion at every opportunity was ordained.

May you have a safe trip home.

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Doc Spoon,

I admire your courage and charisma when it comes to standing for righteousness while not allowing "political correctness" to derail you. You are my brother and your ministry is a blessing.