Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Wrap up

Today was a good day! It started off with me traveling to the neighboring city of Elkhart, to be in a Town Hall meeting with presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama. I was impressed not only by his policies, but also by his ability as an orator. This was an informative meeting, and I left with a better understanding about his energy policy.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the duration of the meeting because I had to get to my noon day Bible Class.

Our Sunday School Lesson was a really needed lesson for the Body of Christ. It was taken out of James 2:1-13. The lesson was entitled "Impartial Disciples". This was a thrilling lesson that challenges us not to fall into the temptation of treating people different based upon appearance or to give preferential treatment to those that are well off.

This is something that I am very familiar with. I have several tattoos, and some of them are visible. These are scars from my past. If I go somewhere and they are uncovered, I am treated differently than when I have on a shirt that covers them. I don't mind this in the world, but it troubles me when I come inside of the house of God. I get looks like "You don't belong here, thug" or "Don't take my purse!!" I usually reply to comments about them (which is often) like this, "All of us have scars, some of mine are just visible!"

The lesson suggests that we give those who abuse their power over us preferential treatment. I posed a hypothetical situation to the class. I asked how would we treat the CEO of Exxon-Mobil if he were to walk in our church and sit next to one of the ladies. I said that we would probably scoot over and be very polite and make sure that he was comfortable. On the other hand, what if someone who was drunk, homeless, and smelly sat next to us? It was suggested that the 1st thing the same woman would do is grab her purse real tight and pull it close to her for fear that this man would take all that she had, and forgetting about the fact that this CEO is already taking all that she has by making billions of dollars in windfall profits by charging her $4.00 + for a gallon of gas! The lesson ended on a high note about treating everyone the same! Worthy is the Lamb!!

Bible Study was a pleasure to teach! We concluded our Study in the Book of Galatians, by finishing our exposition on verses 11-18. The concentration of these verses was about God getting the Glory out of the things that we do vs. being people pleasers. In my feeble opinion, motives need to be constantly checked to make sure that the work is being done for the right reason. Paul intimates that the only thing that we have to glory in is the Cross of Christ. Acceptance and approval by God is based solely in the atoning work of Jesus Christ and since we all come to a saving faith the same way, there is nothing to glory in, except for what He's done! AT THE CROSS, AT THE CROSS, WHERE I 1st SAW THE LIGHT, AND THE BURDENS OF MY HEART ROLLED AWAY, IT WAS THERE BY FAITH, I RECEIVED MY SIGHT, AND NOW I AM HAPPY ALL THE DAY!!!!


Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Great post boy. I hope Obama knew that the real blessing was not that everybody else was with him, but rather he was in the same room with you.


Pastor Kraig L. Pullam said...

I have been helped by this blog. Keep up the good work!!!

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

I praise God for you as you continue to stand in the gap for Christ, His church and community. You truly are a man after God's own heart.